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July is in the middle of rainy season in Thailand, especially in Pattaya, a city which is close to the sea beach may be affected by heavy rain and the storm during that time.  It is suggested to observe the official weather forecast strictly.

It is very important that the team register  “Individual Entry”  in OAS as soon as possible and the air tickets must be purchased in advance and sent flight details to the OC for proper planning of the accommodation.  

Please keep in mind, the closer to the month of July, the more expensive of the tickets will be.  Remember that Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok  s a prime airport for your destination. (  http://suvarnabhumiairport.com/en )


 But some low cost airlines may be landed at Don Muang Airport. (https://www.donmueangairport.com/)  Please send the correct flight details for correct airport pick-up.


The traveling from Suvarnabhumi Airport to the official hotel in Pattaya may take about 3 hours by bus.  Avoid arriving late at night as much as you can do,  it might take at least 3 hours from the International Airport to the hotel in Pattaya.  The participating fee will be charged per night even checking into the hotel after mid-night. 

Please keep in mind that the official arriving date is on 21st  July but if there is no available flight on the 21st July.  Please plan to come earlier either on 19 or 20 of July and the fee will be charged the same 70 Euro/person/night.  The official draw and meeting will be held on 22nd July.